Unearth Series

Unearth Series

Mountain Safari Tours Plus invites you to embark on an extraordinary journey to five remarkable destinations across Africa. From the exotic mystique of Morocco to the ancient wonders of Egypt, the untamed wilderness of Tanzania, the Sahara Desert’s enchantment in Mauritania, and the vibrant culture of Senegal, our tours promise an adventure like no other. In Morocco, immerse yourself in the labyrinthine medinas, sip mint tea in traditional riads, and explore the captivating blend of African, Arab, and European influences. Egypt beckons with the timeless allure of the Pyramids, Sphinx, and the Nile River, where ancient history and modern life converge. Tanzania offers an awe-inspiring safari experience, where you can witness the Great Migration and encounter the incredible biodiversity of its national parks. Mauritania invites you to traverse its boundless dunes, experience the nomadic way of life, and gaze upon the starlit Sahara sky. Senegal, with its vibrant music, colorful markets, and rich history, provides a cultural immersion like no other. Join us on a journey through these diverse and enchanting destinations, where each day unfolds a new chapter of discovery and adventure with Mountain Safari Tours Plus.

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Join us in exploring the timeless beauty and culture of these remarkable destinations with Mountain Safari Tours Plus.